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  • Sep. 26, 2017 - Messy Play/Sidney

    This course is designed to help participants understand the importance of messy, sensory play in early childhood. The participants will have hands-on experiences with different messy materials to further their understanding of the importance of play. This course will also provide the language needed to explain the importance to families, directors, and others in the […]

  • Sep. 30, 2017 - Observations & Portfolios: Recording Children’s Growth/ Havre

    Come learn about the appropriate use of assessment and observation to document children’s play, growth, and how to work with families to promote children’s success in the classroom. KB: Observation, Documentation and Assessment CDA: Observing and recording children’s behavior

  • Oct. 02, 2017 - Toddlers and NOT Preschoolers/Malta

    It might look like just child’s play, but toddlers are hard at work learning important physical skills as they gain muscle control, balance, and coordination. Each new skill lets them progress to the next one, building on a foundation that leads to more complicated physical tasks, such as jumping rope, kicking a ball on the […]

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reading and laughing

How to Help Children Develop Language Skills

Children begin very early in life to acquire language skills. Language helps children gain independence, interact with others, and participate in the surrounding culture. Language skills allow children to express their emotions and learn by asking questions. Most children follow a sequence of language development: crying/cooing, babbling, first words, and first sentences. By the age […]

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